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Proximity support: An essential asset

“We Keep you Flying”

To keep you flying safely is the driving force behind everything Safran Helicopter Engines does. We understand the stakes and they’re the reason we’ve implemented a global strategy for success. It’s centered around four main axes: Safety, Reliability, Proximity and Innovation. Each axis contains the mechanisms required for deploying our strategy and achieving our objective.

The Proximity axis is designed to multiply and strengthen our presence on the ground by bringing us physically closer to our customers and facilitating the sharing of information. The establishment of our et de faciliter le Network of Partners is at the forefront of our Proximity strategy.

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A Network adapted to your operational needs

Approximately 80 % of our customers own between one and three helicopters which calls for increased proximity support. With that in mind, Safran Helicopter Engines has established the Network of Partners to provide superior support and responsiveness to meet and exceed your needs and expectations.These Partners have the ability to provide or facilitate full airframe support in conjunction with the promotion and the support of Safran Helicopter Engines products and services.

Safran Helicopter Engines Newtwork - CMC & Distributors

Our Partners: the Distributors

Distributors are companies to which Safran Helicopter Engines assigns the right to market, sell and distribute in an area, one or more Products and Services contractually defined.

Our Partners:  the Certified Maintenance Centers - Levels 1 & 2 and Levels 1,2 & 3

All our network partners were carefully selected according to specific criteria designed to meet our customers’ needs and strengthen our proximity support. All are qualified by Safran Helicopter Engines to perform Levels 1 and 2 maintenance tasks as described in the Maintenance Manual.

Some of our network partners are qualified to perform Level 3 maintenance (commonly referred to as « deep maintenance »). Their reference document remains the Maintenance Manual supplemented by Maintenance Technical Instructions (MTI). If required, these partners may intervene more deeply into the engine for a reduced turn-around-time (maximum of ten days) without the need for a bench test.

Our Partners: the External Repair Centers - Level 4

External Repair Centers are a market alternative to Safran Helicopter Engines for engine repair and overhaul services which do require a bench test (Level 4 maintenance). These External Repair Centers are also qualified and contractually bound by Safran Helicopter Engines.

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