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NORIA team

A team at your service!

Do you have a question on a subject dealt with by the Noria team?
Do you wish to plan the application of a modification or an inspection?
Do you wish to send the certificate of compliance back to the Noria team?
Have you received a Noria SB and you are not sure if this applies to your equipment?

… Don’t hesitate, contact us!

A team specially in charge of performing Norias at Safran Helicopter Engines

The Noria team organizes the necessary resources for their implementation throughout the world, plans technical operations with the operators/Service Centers/Maintenance Centers/field technicians and coordinates the related logistics services.

Every retrofit program managed by the NORIA team includes dedicated support and a specific commercial policy during the campaign period.

The time period is either imposed by an airworthiness directive, a Service Bulletin, or Safran Helicopter Engines decision.

Safran Helicopter Engines considers that Service Bulletins should be applied in full accordance with the compliance conditions and effectivity code. Not applying a Noria Service Bulletin in full accordance with the compliance conditions, may affect the flight safety of the engine in service.

In order to guarantee a swifter response time for operations, the Noria team coordinators are distributed over the 4 Safran Helicopter Engines areas across the world, by clicking on one of the 4 links below or directly on your area of operation on the following world map:


The Noria team for North America area

The Noria team for South America area

The Noria teams for Australasia, Oceania, Japan, Asia Pacific

The Noria teams for Europe, Africa and the Middle East

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