Safran Helicopter Engines Warranty: a commitment to optimum coverage

Turbomeca warranty service

Warranty is a part of Care Program which includes also Upgrades and Commercial Policies, and a brand new service: “Safran Helicopter Engines pre-buy inspection”.

Optimum coverage

The Safran Helicopter Engines warranty covers engines, modules, accessories and components, be they new, repaired or overhauled. including items is storage.

Rapid response times

  • Confirmed review of your warranty claim within 48 hours
  • Final acceptance within 48 hours for items not requiring a technical assessment.

 If technical assessment is required, the Warranty Committee will send you the final decision within 60 days.

Free Pick Up Service

Additional services can include free pick-up of your equipment to facilitate and accelerate its return to you (service subject to logistical constraints).

The benefits of a Safran Helicopter Engines Warranty
  • Global coverage including storage warranty
  • Optimized response times to your warranty claims
  • Free pick up of your equipment
  • Availability and responsiveness of your Safran Helicopter Engines commercial representative.
  • Access to replacement solutions that keep you flying
  • The possibility of getting an extended warranty

Contact us for more information about Safran Helicopter Engines Warranty and our Care Program!

 New Warranty request »

Submit your request: start filling out a Safran Helicopter Engines e-Form!

A warranty request on-going? Follow its progress in your e-Form area.

The Safran Helicopter Engines e-Form offers you a new and interactive way to:

  • submit and manage your request for Warranty request - AOG, SBH®, Noria, or not
  • follow up the progress of your requests : Including MRO process and/or track the dispatched equipment for Standard Exchange
  • and so much more!

It replaces the Warranty claim paper forms.

Need further information on the e-Form or the warranty services? Contact us!

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