Care Program

Care Program: watching over your engines

Turbomeca Care Program®

The Care Program brings you the different Safran Helicopter Engines plans and solutions related to: Warranty, Upgrades and Commercial Policies. It integrates our new service : the Pre-Buy Inspection!

Safran Helicopter Engines Care Program® video

The Warranty Program

It includes a wide range of solutions for new, repaired or overhauled engines. In particular:

  • Standards warranties for new, repaired and overhauled equipment
  • Warranty extensions for new engines propose additional coverages now up to 5 years/2000 hours, in order to match your operational needs as closely as possible. It's a simple and effective coverage for your engines.

The Upgrades and Commercial Program

It provides continuous support to your engines, through airworthiness modifications, product improvements and commercial assistance.

The Pre-buy Inspection

This service is dedicated to pre-owned civil Safran Helicopter Engines engines at the time of aircraft resale. This inspection can activate a limited OEM warranty of 6months/50 hours depending on the technical assessment. Both the inspection and the associated warranty contribute to the attractiveness of your asset: increased residual value, and speed of resale.

Conditions of eligibility for the Pre-buy Inspection

  • Only for pre-owned civil Safran Helicopter Engines engines at the time of aircraft resale
  • Serviceable engines: Arriel, Arrius, Makila
  • On aircraft only (no spare engines)
  • Updated logbook


Contact us for more information about Safran Helicopter Engines Warranty and our Care Program!

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