Spare parts and Tooling

Plan ahead for your maintenance operations.  Safran Helicopter Engines's spare parts and tooling service offers various options.

Turbomeca Spares and Tooling

Planning ahead for periodic inspections and preventive or corrective maintenance is essential to minimizing impact on your operations.  Being proactive and planning ahead for your spare parts and tooling requirements helps you ensure that you'll have the necessary items when you need them, and also maintain your inventory at optimal levels.

Spares parts

You may need spare parts prior to a periodic inspection or to perform a Level 1 & 2, preventive or corrective  maintenance task. 
Safran Helicopter Engines can deliver these (level 1 and 2) spare parts to you ahead of time in anticipation of these maintenance situations.


Over the course of your engine's maintenance, you'll use tools for inspection, assembly and disassembly. Depending on the part number, we can provide you the drawings or the complete tools.

More about Tooling

Benefits of this service
  • Quality standards:  Parts made by Safran Helicopter Engines or other manufacturers with strict quality control
  • Anticipate future maintenance interventions: save time and plan your maintenance interventions in advance
  • Being self-sufficient for scheduled and non-scheduled operations
  • Planning and budgeting for scheduled and non-scheduled maintenance costs

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