SBH® - Support By The Hour

Safran Helicopter Engines SBH® : fly with visibility

Turbomeca SBH® - Support By The Hour

Safran Helicopter Engines SBH® : your engine maintenance by the hour

  • SBH® is a comprehensive service that provides financial and operational coverage for your engine maintenance
  • It can cover scheduled as well as unscheduled events, limiting your exposure to unexpected expenses
  • Pay as you fly : SBH®  provides a fixed cost per engine flight-hour

Contact us for further information about the Safran Helicopter Engines SBH contract!

What are the benefits of a Safran Helicopter Engines SBH®?
  • You control, budget & even out your engine maintenance costs: your expenses are clear and predictable
  • You enhance the value of your engine: SBH® contracts are transferable if the aircraft is sold. Re-sale value is increased
  • You can rely on Safran Helicopter Engines expertise: a global service provided by the Original Engine Manufacturer
  • You keep flying: our worldwide pool of engines, modules and accessories provides you with effective replacement solutions
Turbomeca SBH® - Support By The Hour
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