Repair and Overhaul

A global network of 52 Safran Helicopter Engines-approved centers for repair/overhaul of your engines.

Turbomeca Repair and Overhaul

The large network of Safran Helicopter Engines-approved centers spread throughout  five continents make it possible for us to reach your engines quickly while providing the benefits of Safran Helicopter Engines's expertise.

Safran Helicopter Engines expertise for the repair/overhaul of your equipment

24 turbosupport centers + 28 repair/overhaul centers spread throughout  five continents.

  • Centers specializing in field maintenance and deep maintenance.
  • 42 Field Reps are attached to these centers to provide responsive technical services in the field.
  • Optimal proximity and responsiveness.



  • Quality service guaranteed: Proven Safran Helicopter Engines expertise
    • A large network with 52 Safran Helicopter Engines-approved Repair and Overhaul Centers.
    • More than 1800 engines repaired each year : complete mastery of our engines' specific features.
  • Meticulous and efficient processes
    • A complete repair process : endoscopic inspections, non-destructive testing (dye penetrant…), binocular inspections, ultra-sound and dimensional checks.
    • Advanced techniques : thermal spraying, welding, surface treatments and brazing
    • A discharge inspection certifying the engine's airworthiness per the approving authorities
  • Effective solutions tailored to your budget and that meet your expectations
    • No automatic use of new replacement parts.  Some parts can have their life limits extended to save money.
    • Expert advice on overhaul forecasting and on the most economical ways your materials can reach full potential. 
  • High Quality standards
    • 97% of tested equipment passes our rigorous quality inspections (test bench…)
  • Continuous research on new repair solutions
    • Shorten repair turn-around-times
    • Reduce repair costs


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