BOOST, a range of advanced engine and maintenance management services designed to keep your helicopter flying.

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Safran Helicopter Engines has developed, in association with IBM, integrated online services for streamlining your operations. Through this highly secured, compatible web-based tool, we aim to provide the helicopter industry with revolutionary world class services.

With BOOST, operators will be able to:

  • Share information, electronically, simply and directly with Safran Helicopter Engines, the engine manufacturer
  • Smooth and facilitate operations and Airworthiness tasks
  • Ease maintenance activities and planning
  • Provide tools to analyse engine trends, manage engine fleet and configuration through data provided by the OEM
  • Limit human factors through specific online features

With BOOST, Safran Helicopter Engines will provide operators with highly added-value support through proactive actions and prompt responses to your needs.

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Managing your engine activities and airworthiness requires practical and up-to-date Technical Publications and accurate engine data. With BOOST, the Technical Publications are web-based and interactive. Your engine logbook is electronic and linked to this latest version of the IETP, allowing you to manage the configuration of your engines rapidly and efficiently.


Knowing your engines is key to efficient usage and maintenance. BOOST offers Trend Monitoring and advanced Troubleshooting tools that enhance with the experience of other users. You can effortlessly rely on Safran Helicopter Engines’s experience at all times and control, anticipate and take the appropriate actions quickly.


Having the right tools at hand to plan and prepare your engine maintenance is a must. Through the comprehensive BOOST services such as maintenance scheduling or stock management and optimization, you can budget and organise your workforce, all at a click of a mouse!

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Focusing on reliability

  • Limit the risk of human error:
    • No double logbook entries.
    • Possibility to import data from onboard and external IT systems.
  • Alerts about scheduled maintenance, engine events and new/updated Technical Publications
  • Secure environment for your data:
    • A secure server that requires no back-up systems.
    • IBM and Safran Helicopter Engines commitment to give you the best and fastest access to your data.
    • No risk of losing your logbooks and log cards: avoid premature, unscheduled overhauls.
    • Monitor the coherence between an engine’s availability and configuration.
  • Increased traceability of the data: proof of who wrote what and when:
    • Electronic signature.
    • Electronic traces of connections, updates and modifications.

 Increasing efficiency and productivity

  • Proactive management of your activities through:
    • Links between the e-engine logbook and web-IETP.
    • Trend monitoring and troubleshooting tools to enhance your daily maintenance practices and help reduce downtime.
    • Budget, prepare and optimize day-to-day and long-term engine maintenance.
  • A time and cost saving tool:
    • Save time by recording engine data just once.
    • Technical Publications are easily kept up-to-date through the systems electronic capabilities.
    • All data and up-to-date Technical Publications are accessible to all team members, wherever they are in the world, at any time of the day.

Simplifying solutions for greater flexibility

  • Standard and open connectors will be available to interface with major existing Maintenance IT systems.
  • BOOST will be easy-to-use and ergonomic with 3 ways to enter data simply:
    • Customers own IT systems.
    • Existing onboard equipment. 
    • Manually.

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Turbomeca BOOST -  Bank Of Online Services And Technologies
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