In an AOG situation, Safran Helicopter Engines delivers technical and logistical support that allows you to quickly resume your normal activities.

Turbomeca AOG support

To provide the best support during an AOG situation, Safran Helicopter Engines has processes in place that allow you to resume your operations with as little delay as possible.
Safran Helicopter Engines believes that the best way to resolve an urgent situation requires a team. 
It's the reason a targeted strategy was put into place that includes  privileged communication channels between the various Safran Helicopter Engines team members (AOG unit, Field Reps...).

A specific organisation for AOG situations

  • Dedicated technical teams: effective and immediate response provided by the resources and technical abilities of your Field Rep.
  • Dedicated logistical process: expediting of AOG materials as required is coordinated by a unit specifically trained to handle urgent situations.
  • A logistical process dedicated to AOG's:  delivery of spare parts and tools in 24 hours.
  • Qualified Safran Helicopter Engines personnel available 24/7 to evaluate the AOG situation and provide the best action plan.

Want to know more about the Safran Helicopter Engines AOG service? Contact us!

 New AOG request »

Submit your request: start filling out a Safran Helicopter Engines e-Form!

An AOG request on-going? Follow its progress in your e-Form area.

The Safran Helicopter Engines e-Form offers you a new and interactive way to:

  • submit and manage your request for AOG - under warranty, SBH®, Noria, or not
  • follow up the progress of your requests and track the dispatched equipment
  • and so much more!

It replaces AOG paper forms (you will still have to call the helpline for « outside business hours » AOGs).

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