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Safety: the issues

We work on a daily basis to improve safety, from the technical development of our engines to their support. Safety is a major issue for Safran Helicopter Engines.

"For the attention of all actors in the helicopter industry: Safran Helicopter Engines and all members of the helicopter community must work constantly on flight safety. The SMS (Safety Management System) project initiative goes well beyond regulatory constraints as safety is a key issue for Safran Helicopter Engines, for our customers and for all those involved in the world of helicopters. Many actions have already been carried out in the past, from the technical development of engines to their support, but we must continue to make progress in order to further increase safety in our activity. We will never let up". Cyrille Poetsch, VP, Engine Programs

IHST: International Helicopter Safety Team

Everything began in September 2005, at the International Helicopter Safety Symposium (IHSS) in Montreal, Canada. All the helicopter community, of which Safran Helicopter Engines, attending this event recognized that improvement in terms of flight safety was necessary and that it was ready to accept the challenge to improve the safety of helicopter operations. Since this day, Safran Helicopter Engines and IHST are partners and work to reach the common objectives.

The IHST mission is to significantly improve helicopter safety, create partnerships with any region in the world that operates a significant number of helicopters, that posse a credible set of accident reports, that is willing to participate in the IHST process of identifying safety improvement strategies and that will follow-through on implementing these strategies.

The IHST has set an aggressive goal of reducing the worldwide civil and military helicopter accident rates by 80% in 10 years.

For further information, visit the site at:

EHEST: European Helicopter Safety Team

The European Helicopter Safety Team (EHEST) brings together manufacturers, operators, research organizations, regulators, accident investigators and a few military operators from across Europe. EHEST is the helicopter branch of the ESSI, and also the European component of the International Helicopter Safety Team (IHST).

Their Mission is the same than IHST: EHEST is committed to the goal of reducing the helicopter accident rate by 80 percent by 2016 worldwide, with emphasis on improving European safety.

For further information, visit the site at:
Download the presentatio n "What’s new in European Helicopter Safety?" by Bob Sheffield, Executive Director SHELL Aircraft and IHST Executive Director

At previous Safran Helicopter Engines symposiums, we invited specialists to speak on the topic of safety with the operators. Download the presentations below:

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