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Safety management

Our commitment

Flight safety is a primary and constant concern for Safran Helicopter Engines and our customers. Measures are already in place at Safran Helicopter Engines to ensure safety: both to meet helicopter needs (integrators or operators) or regulatory requirements, or through voluntary Safran Helicopter Engines actions, such as the "Flight Safety" initiative launched in 2005. The formal introduction of a Safety Management System (SMS) for all our maintenance and repair activities will be a real opportunity to federate existing measures and develop a safety culture in all the sectors concerned. Safran Helicopter Engines is committed to optimizing its maintenance and repair activities in order to reduce the risks associated with the operation of our equipment to the lowest level that can reasonably be attained.

This commitment involves actions to:

  1. Develop and implement a safety culture in all our activities, which recognizes the importance and value of efficient flight safety management.
  2. Establish objectives for Safran Helicopter Engines for contributing to flight safety, raise awareness of them among personnel and measure their performance in a continuous improvement approach.
  3. Establish and communicate flight safety responsibilities to the personnel involved in operational processes.
  4. Encourage personnel in a positive direction and guarantee a non-punitive work environment that promotes the reporting of events which potentially have a flight safety risk.
  5. Ensure that the personnel involved receives all appropriate information and training concerning flight safety, that they are competent in fields linked to safety and are only assigned tasks for which they are trained.
  6. Establish, formalize and maintain cooperative relations with our partners: airframers, operators, maintenance centers, etc. to promote global flight safety management.
  7. Guarantee the availability of financial and material means and trained and qualified human resources to implement the flight safety actions and policy.
  8. Ensure that the application and improvement of the flight safety management system is an integral part of all our activities.
  9. Raise awareness of our safety policy among all personnel and customers.
  10. Progressively deploy our safety policy in all Turbomeca processes including on our supplier’s premises.

I will personally monitor, through periodic reviews, the application, compliance and efficiency of the Safety Management System.

Bruno EVENSafran Helicopter Engines CEO - Bruno EVEN


Flight Safety Policy

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