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Customer Councils

Open Dialogue: the Customer Councils

Talk freely about our products and our services within a working group composed of customers and Safran Helicopter Engines representatives in order to participate in the improvement of our support: this is the foundation of our Customer Councils.

Open Dialogue: the Customer Councils

The Safran Helicopter Engines Customer Councils are made up of a diverse and experienced group of representatives from our global Customer base. This group’s job is to work with Safran Helicopter Engines on behalf of all Customers world-wide to provide constructive solutions aimed at improving Safran Helicopter Engines products, support, and market strategy. 

The Customer Councils

The Customer Council is not a venue to convey corporate messages, nor is it a place for a customer to discuss a specific issue relating to their own business with Safran Helicopter Engines - the aim is to work together for everyone’s benefit! You choose the subjects beforehand and we will work in a group to find a relevant solution.

Five Customer Councils are held:

  • European EUCC
  • North American NACC
  • Latin American LACC
  • Japanese JACC
  • Asia Pacific APCC

Customer Councils are held twice a year outside the high operational season. At each meeting, the schedule is confirmed for the next one. In order to optimize member’s trips, we try to organize half of our meetings to coincide with another event, such as an air show, for example.


Participate in the Customer Council meetings and considerations!

Send an email with your details to the Safran Helicopter Engines Customer Council Chairman Patrick Tavernier.

“In the course of these talks, the operators learned a lot from the manufacturer and now understand his thinking better. Both parties have seen improvements and are willing to continue working together in the future. For all operators it is an interesting network to learn from each other. The parties invest three days of being unavailable at their companies, but in the end it pays off.”

Wolfgang Burger
Technical Director and Accountable Manager POA of Helikopter Air Transport GmbH, Vienna, Austria (Source: 4Rotors Magazine, April 2011)

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