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Customer events

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Turbomeca Customer Events

Safran Helicopter Engines organizes its own Customer Councils, Symposiums, or Seminars by area to meet with its own customers and share information in a pleasant setting. But what do these terms mean?

The Customer Councils

The Safran Helicopter Engines Customer Councils are made up of a diverse and experienced group of representatives from our global Customer base. This group’s job is to work with Safran Helicopter Engines on behalf of all Customers world-wide to provide constructive solutions aimed at improving Safran Helicopter Engines products, support, and market strategy.

The Customer Councils are not a venue to convey corporate messages, nor a place for a customer to discuss a specific issue relating to his own business with Safran Helicopter Engines - the aim is to work together for everyone’s benefit!

You choose the subjects beforehand and we will work in a group to find a relevant solution.
Five Customer Councils are held:

  • European EUCC
  • North American NACC
  • Latin American LACC
  • Japanese JACC
  • Asia Pacific APCC

The Symposiums

Symposiums are customer events whose purpose is to decline the key messages of the General Management and the core values ​​of satisfaction. They are held every two years by geographical area and bring together operators of the area and the top management of Safran Helicopter Engines. The event usually takes place over two days and is organized between plenary sessions and workshops. They gather about one hundred to two hundred and fifty customers and take place over two days. 

The Seminars

The seminars are organized by site, for the customers of the site. Example: Japan operators seminar, India operators seminar, etc.

They gather about fifty customers and take place over a day.

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